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Commercial places such as your office, market, hotel, etc., face the most intense environment due to the frequent movement of individuals. These individuals are either your customers, business partners, or suppliers; each bring dirt with their feet to your workspace. Therefore, for commercial places, it is mandatory to be done frequently and with quality so the environment remains fresh, healthy, and clean.

Commercial cleaning

One of the biggest motivations behind keeping your office or workplace clean is the health concern of your employees. A clean office ensures that staff remains healthy by staying away from dust or dirt allergies. This not only keeps the office clean but also increases your productivity due to a decreased number of sick leaves by staff. Therefore, we at Melbourne Cleaner 24/7 ensure that we give you the highest quality of cleaning services so your workplace remains clean, tidy, and healthy and your employees feel good about coming to the workplace.


Several steps of our commercial cleaning framework are planning the actions, delivering promised services, evaluating the performance of our staff against given KPIs, and acquiring your feedback. Our talented team will always initially visit your location and get insights about the cleaning requirements of your premises and your expectations from our staff. After discussion, our team will develop specific cleanliness KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which will be based on your needs and will be met by our cleaning staff.


We have a specific program named the “Building Value, Cleaning Smartly” initiative, which aims to allow owners of commercial places to acquire our cleaning services without exceeding their budget. We have designed this program so that you don’t need to worry about evaluating the cleaning needs of your workplace and aligning your budget with them. Our team already uses green chemicals which cause minor damage to your infrastructure, so your replacement and renovation costs minimize. We also always use a minimum number of resources, so waste management becomes easy. Therefore, our optimized usage of resources and efficient planning ensures that we give you our services at the most affordable rates.

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We not only employ trained and skilled staff, but we also have a detailed understanding of Australian and global environmental and sustainability regulations for SMEs and larger businesses. You can hire our staff on a project basis to achieve your goals. For example, our experienced and skilled staff can help you get the required certification if your organization aims to achieve it. Our team’s extensive experience allows you to hire us to clean unique surfaces and satisfy your demanding stakeholders or tenants.

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