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Children are the most joyous and exciting part of our lives, as they live their life to the fullest and are completely transparent. But as children’s immune system is weak, they are prone to airborne infections caused by dust and dirt. We at Melbourne Cleaner 24/7 care greatly about children’s health; hence we have a dedicated team that offers childcare cleaning, so children can remain healthy and play in a tidy and germ-free environment.

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Child care cleaning

Out of all of our services and programs, our quality standards and KPIs are the highest for our childcare cleaning programs. This is because children are our future, and their health is our utmost priority. Our dedicated childcare team has extensive experience caring for children and cleaning their playing spaces. A clean and fresh environment motivates children to develop emotional, psychological, and physical skills.

Children are always learning, and we need to provide them with a safe environment so they can fully know.

Every Child is Important

In light of the recently faced global pandemic coronavirus, our hygiene and tidiness standards for children have increased significantly. Melbourne Cleaner 24/7 has given its childcare team new training to ensure that the place for children is entirely hygienic and free of any dirt or dust. Extensive KPIs are used to monitor the performance of our childcare cleaning team, which ensures that we keep every child equally important. Our team also helps parents by educating them about cleanliness and hygiene requirements when allowing children to play and learn. Our team has completed several short courses to understand children’s psychological and physical needs, which teaches them the importance of a new environment in a child’s life.

Quality & Compliance

Our child care cleaning initiatives are based on a set of quality standards, which all our staff members responsible for child care cleaning need to be followed. All of our staff members must adhere to the quality and compliance guidelines of childcare cleaning, which are developed based on the health needs of children. If any of the staff members is found of non-adherence to assigned quality standards, you can report it directly to us through a call, and strict action will be taken against that employee

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