We are all aware of the value of having a clean, sanitary environment for our health. At The Cleaning service, we also know your time is limited. We know how difficult it is to maintain a clean space while managing every other part of your life, from work to children, and everything in between.

Carpet Cleaning

Being in business ourselves, we understand how important a first impression can be to customer. You can trust us to make sure that your office is sparkling clean and that when your customers walk through the door all they smell is a fresh, clean environment. Read More

Commercial Cleaning

It is imperative to keep your office place and commercial properties clean to provide a hygienic and healthy atmosphere for the workers. Therefore, opting for commercial cleaning services Melbourne is imperative to make the work-place immaculate. Read More

Domestic Cleaning

If you organized a grand party at your place last night and you are not able to clean the mess on your own, then call us. Mack Cleaners Melbourne is here to clean your domestic premises wherever you want. Read More

End of Lease Cleaning

When you are relocating, it is imperative to return the property as you got it. But cleaning the used property is not easy at the time of relocation. End of lease cleaning Melbourne can be a challenging task. Mack Cleaners provides End of lease cleaning services. Read More

Office Cleaning

Our team of office cleaners Melbourne ensures that the office place is neat and polished. To impress the visitors and keep the workers comfortable, Mack Professional Cleaners Melbourne provides cost-efficient and top-notch office cleaning services. Read More

Child Care Cleaning

A clean environment just makes life so much more enjoyable. Whether at the office or at home, a clean, fresh smelling space, provides a sense of peace and productivity. But who has the time? Don’t worry, the Spouses have you covered with your choice of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning!. Read More

Steam Cleaning

Our eco-friendly and modern Steam cleaning services in Australia help you to get dirt-free engines, floors, and domestic furniture. We use customized eco-friendly cleaning process depending on the requirement of the clients.  Read More


Pollution and dust play a major role in inviting various diseases. Our team of Apartment cleaners, restaurant cleaners and, office cleaners Melbourne aims to remove dust from your commercial and residential area. Read More

Move in Move out Cleaning

Whether moving into a new place or moving out of your old home, cleaning the area is one of the most frustrating things. The process of moving is already very stressful, and in such a scenario, having one additional responsibility to clean the place can be physically and mentally demanding.  Read More

Life’s Too Short to Clean Your

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