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Traditional cleaning methods often cause too much mess and are time-consuming. These methods waste time and have a high carbon footprint compared to steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is one of the advanced cleaning methods being adopted across the globe. Steam cleaning ensures that the least resources are wasted on cleaning, and quality cleaning is done without wasting any time. Melbourne Cleaner 24/7 offers you a complete steam cleaning program for the office and home, which is one of a kind and is currently not provided by most of the cleaning companies in Melbourne.

Steam cleaning

With the fourth industrial revolution, the arrival of artificial intelligence will reshape our world; the objective of every organization and responsible human being is to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases which could further damage the ozone layer. In our goal to be one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible cleaning organizations, we started steam cleaning several years ago. Our professional staff is well aware of the machinery used for steam cleaning and places where steam cleaning could be most beneficial.

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Our steam cleaning program is aimed to provide you with various benefits. Since it is a chemical-free cleaning process, steam cleaning costs less for you than chemical-based cleaning of your office or home. Steam cleaning would make your home or office clean, as the heat and moisture help thoroughly clean every corner. Since steam cleaning does not require chemicals, adopting this method would make you an equal contributor with Melbourne Cleaner 24/7, saving planet Earth from harmful emissions.

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Our steam cleaning is the most effective method to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold hidden in your office or home corners. When using chemicals, it may be difficult to reach small corners around furniture, which gives bacteria and mold an opportunity to sustain and spread infection. But high-temperature steam melts mold from every corner and ensures that all bacteria and viruses are killed during the cleaning process. Our staff uses advanced cleaning equipment which allows them to change the pressure of steam and its focus point based on the needs of your office or home.

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