Dusting Melbourne

No matter how many restrictions you put, dirt and dust will always find a way to enter your office and home. Frequent dusting ensures that your home and office remain clean and stop any bacteria or viruses from developing. Our experienced dusting staff has exceptional skills in cleaning your house of dust and dirt through various means.


Dusting is the most delicate part of cleaning as it requires cleaning staff to interact physically with precious and brittle household items. Therefore, you should always take great care when giving a dusting contract to anyone. Thankfully, our staff is experienced in dusting and has different certifications for cleaning other items, such as furniture, glass, electronics, etc. Our cleaning staff uses extra clothes and materials when dusting additional items and parts of the living space. Therefore, hiring us would ensure that your household items are taken care of as our own.

Bond Back Guarantee

We also provide a money-back guarantee for our customers, so if any item is damaged during the dusting process, Melbourne Cleaner 24/7 will be responsible for rectification or replacement (whichever is suitable).

Life’s Too Short to Clean Your

Own Home®.